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Medical Marijuana is one of the most trending techniques used in this era. Well, there are several misconceptions about the consumption of medical cannabis. But, it is scientifically proven that the use of marijuana can treat you from a wide- variety of diseases.

However, people are also wondering how much a prescription of marijuana charged? The price of cannabis can be different depending on quality, quantity, and location.

Here, we are telling you what factors are affecting the price of this product:

  • The Quantity of cannabis: It is one of the obvious facts, but it is also very important to mention that more the quantity more will be the price.
  • Quality of cannabis: Quality product or drug is always recommended. The higher the quality of the weed, the higher the price.
  • Competition: Generally, not every dispensary sells marijuana. So, due to the less availability, you will get it at the higher price.
  • Time of Year: The harvesting of marijuana is usually done around September, depending on the climate. In this time, you can get it at a lesser price.

Types of Marijuana:

  • Buds:

The price of marijuana buds depends on the locations and quality. But, the average price of a gram is around $20.

  • Concentrates:

It can also be marketed in the form of concentrates. The price of concentrated marijuana per gram will cost you around $20 to $60.

  • Edibles:

This type of cannabis is used by those patients who don’t smoke. So, that they can eaten by mixing it into any dish. Either it can be Ice cream, pizzas or burritos. It will cost around $3 to $5 per dose.

  • Tinctures:

It is available in another form of concentrated which is available in liquid. A bottle can be charged as for $20 to $40 depending on concentration.

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