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When you are taking anabolic steroidal medications for building ripped and toned muscles or reducing fat content from the body, their can be a number of steroidal side effects involved apart from its promised beneficial results. Are you completely aware of such effects? Do you know how it can react with your body cells? If you ever come across any dangerous health threat, do you know the exact ways to mitigate those effects? For such actions, you need to have proper knowledge about positive and negative effects of that particular dietary supplementation product and then only you can safely administer its dosage cycles. You may get a lot of visible as well as invisible or slowly visible symptoms of harmful effects which is difficult to figure out in the first stages. It is in the final stages when the effects become clearly visible and you have no other way out but just to panic and take the help of a doctor. To avoid such health hazards, you should never take prescription-only drugs without the guidance of a health expert since you will not know the safe limits of adjusting the dose strengths according to your fitness goal of either bulking muscles or cutting fat.

What do you mean by steroid gut?

 When you come across professional body builders, wrestlers, athletes or weight lifters, you often wonder how did these people get such a chiselled and ripped body when you cannot achieve that just by exercising or controlling your diet? Did these people do the same or did they take any external help? Do you really believe that HGH and Steroid Gut are related to each other? Is it possible to get a toned physique by just regularly working out or balancing your daily diet? There are so many questions that arises in your mind when you plan on administering the dosage cycle of a hormonal regulatory product or anabolic steroidal medication. The term ‘steroid gut’ is even known by another common term called palumboism, that is derived from the name of popular American  body builder Dave Palumbo. What is the history behind it?

Usually the appearance of the extended bellies of different fitness enthusiasts during the time of 1990s started becoming visible due to the high demand and use of synthetically manufactured HGH or human growth hormone. This hormone is associated with the growth and development of cells as the name suggests, and thus unknowingly resulted in the formation of enlarged organs, increase in the width of the trunk and stomach capacity.

Is this dangerous?

There are many other reasons why you can come across with an enlarged gut but combining the actions of steroidal supplements along with HGH injections or pills can definitely promote the entire process of gut enlargement in individuals.

Thus when it comes down to using steroidal products for muscle bulking purposes by experienced body builders, you should be highly careful with the dose strengths. HGH and Steroid Gut are correlated and thus the actions should be kept under supervision.

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