One thing that is really hard to follow when it comes to maintain any sort of diet is eating out at a restaurant. The difficulty meter rises especially if, you are on a keto diet because you have to be really serious with the amount of carb you consume otherwise you will fail the diet. To help you out, here are a few tips on what to eat and what not to eat at a restaurant when on keto diet.

Tips for Eating Out On a Keto Diet

Follow these simple rules and you will be all fine with your keto diet:

  • Say No To Buns: Just avoid the bun when eating at a burger joint! Instead go for a lettuce wrap or a side salad.
  • Veggies Over Rice: Order a plate of steamed veggies instead of taking rice. Try to relish the taste of boiled broccoli and zucchini, instead of hogging on a plate of white rice. After all you have to keep a check on your carb intake. And, rice is a storehouse of carb so therefore it’s a big no!


  • Extra Salad: Instead of ordering a plate of onion rings and fries, go for the veggies! Trust, the extra veggies will make you feel better.
  • No Breading Meat: If you have the option of both breaded and grilled meats, go for the grilled meat. This will help you save calories a big time. And also avoid the extra sauce on the sides instead add some soy sauce to your chicken.
  • Have Water Instead Of Drinks: No juice or soda when on keto diet! Have a glass of chilled water after your meal and feel nice about it.

All this may be hard for you but, if you want results then you have to stick to it. To know more about keto diet foods you can look up on the internet.

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