Beauty trends are notoriously mercurial. Each new season brings with it fresh colours, styles, and techniques that will become tomorrow’s hottest fads, replacing last season’s supposedly “here to stay” looks. But underneath the changing whims of the beauty industry are underlying and enduring trends shaping the way people buy cosmetics. It’s no longer enough just to have a long-lasting lip stain or revitalizing anti-aging cream. The quality of ingredients is now just as important as how well a product performs. Consumers are considering the individual components of their makeup and moisturizers, preferring those products made with simple, healthy, and environmentally friendly ingredients.3

As a manufacturer, replacing synthetics with a natural alternative can be a delicate process. Whether you produce self-tanners, hair treatments, or eye shadows, the technical aspect of your ingredients is your highest priority.  You need to consider quality assurance in terms of performance, shelf life, texture, colour, and a variety of other characteristics before you can add them to your products. If you don’t, your product has a high chance of failing somewhere along the way from factory to store shelves.

Guarantees like this will only happen when you partner with an ingredient distributor, such as Cambrian Solutions, that are known for their label-friendly solutions and expert guidance. The skin care ingredients from Cambrian are a part of a greater portfolio of additives collected from a global supply network, allowing them to source only the best ingredients from all around the world.

Cambrian’s technical representatives stay on top of the latest trends by regularly attending the biggest trade shows and industry events in the world. With a constant eye towards improvements in chemistry and formula development, these highly trained technicians can offer sound advice regarding any cosmetics in your collection. As an ingredient distributor, their membership with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists also ensures their portfolio meets all technical and regulatory requirements as set out by Health Canada, the FDA, and EMA – ensuring your product will meet standards whether you plan on selling at home or abroad.

Whether you need naturally-derived, organic, eco-friendly, botanical, or simply clean-label ingredients, the technical chemists and process developers at a renowned additive distributor can help achieve successful results. With expertly sourced ingredients, you’ll have no concern for the quality of your skin care products. As a result, you’ll be able to tap into the underlying trends affecting your industry’s market and see the benefits to your bottom line.

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