Gas and bloating is a common issue faced by almost all age groups from infants to old age people. It is not only painful but embarrassing too. It is sometimes caused by High Fiber Nourishment food like Vegetables, beans, grains, and peas. All these food items can also lead to gas although they are healthy. But this problem can be cured in one’s kitchen only, and no outside help is required.

In these days people love to go for tasty foods which are made with the help of some materials that don’t suit to health. The physical movement of the body is also much restricted, and therefore all this leads to accumulation of gas in the stomach.


3 Home remedies that can be used to get rid of gas

1.       Smoothie to treat bloating – Smoothies are everyone’s favorite. We love to have them as they leave a cool effect on our body. Gas, on the other hand, generates heat in our body and hence to nullify the heat, acool smoothie can be used to treat gas or bloating. You can make a tasty and cool smoothie at home itself. Add yogurt, some fresh fruits, Chamomile tea, honey syrup and ice cubes in a blender and blend. After blending all the ingredients, consume it after pouring in a glass. It would definitely help you to get rid of bloating or gas.

2.       Triphala – This herb has a history of treating any digestive problem. That’s why our ancestors had a huge faith in this herb. This is to be takendaily if you suffer from gas on day to day basis. Method to take it is,take some warm water, approximately half a cup and add half teaspoon Triphala. Just for a better taste add 1 or ½ tablespoon honey to it. Try to keep water lukewarm and drink it daily. This benefits the most if drunk before going to bet, after approximately 1 hour of dinner.

3.       Activated Charcoal – Activated charcoal has a very different functioning, and that’s a reason it is also used to get rid of gas. Charcoal has pores in it, and these pores trap the gas that is causing inconvenience. But try to consume it after consulting your doctor. You may take it before eating anything and can be consumed in Capsule, powder or tablet form. The only problem with this is that it can’t be consumed on adaily basis as it can be harmful. Also expecting mothers are strictly advised not to consume activated charcoal in any form.

But it can be controlled to a great extent if we keep in mind few important points like to avoid spicy food, chewing food properly, not taking a nap immediately after having food, keeping one’s mind away from negative thinking, regularly exercising and practicing power yoga. Also, one must chew food properly and avoid dairy products as much as possible because they are a causeof gas and bloating as some people can’t digest milk, curd, etc.


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