To live comfortable and confident, it is important to feel good about oneself. Perceiving this kind of thinking as superficial and shallow is a terrible mistake. Human beings must always adopt a position of acceptance when it comes to them because that is the starting point of changing their surroundings to fit their needs. Most unconformities are a result of dislikes linked to our esthetic looks. By this, I mean that feeling comfortable with our appearance is great, but unfortunately, people always look for more. Nowadays, there is a lot of esthetical procedures which aim at drastically improving our looks. With the passing of the years, one of the most demanded esthetical procedures is permanent makeup.   

Plastic surgeries, implants, or skin grafts have been revolutionary techniques. None of them is easy to acquire when it comes to costs. The Same thing happens to permanent makeup. Its costs tend to be higher compared to other simpler makeup procedures. But this is logical. The difference lies in that it is worth every single penny. With this technique, people are opened to a whole new world of facial possibilities. For example, through permanent makeup, people can accentuate their facial features by adding expression to their eyes with waterproof eyeliner, or they can add more definition to their eyebrows to make them look more natural or they can simply define their lip line and, at the same time add richness.

Permanent makeup imitates the way that you look when you use lipstick, lip liner, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner, all at the same time. And the good thing is that it does not go away. This is done through a process called micro-pigmentation, which occurs when a tattoo pen injects permanent ink into the skin. Each procedure can last between 30 and 120 minutes. As with any tattoo, the colour will look brighter or darker than normal but it will settle after a couple of days.

Permanent makeup can be used by any women or men regardless the age or phenotype. It is even more beneficial to those people that under normal circumstances can’t use regular cosmetics. For example, it is ideal for the public that: have burn marks, scars, or vitiligo; suffer from allergies when using cosmetics; and have inexistent eyebrows due to alopecia, hypothyroidism, or chemotherapy treatments. Likewise, women when old have a tendency to suffer dexterity problems or arthritis which makes the application of cosmetics very tedious. With permanent makeup, those that couldn’t before can enjoy now.

Permanent makeup is a very fresh and advanced method that constantly helps millions of persons around the world. Denying its effects and influence is foolishness. Permanent makeup can provide quicker and long-lasting solutions to a problem that affects millions worldwide. The makeup industry is quite expensive, so if by doing this you can get rid of the constant expenses and the waste of time, do it! Join the new movement, be a part of the future.


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