The most important kinds of patient to any kind of doctor are children, and when it comes to podiatry, things are not different. There are more and more parents bringing their children to podiatrists, however, while they can help them with their issues, in how many situations are custom orthotics actually necessary.

What are custom orthotics?

Before we can talk about the issues solved by custom orthotics, you must know what exactly are custom orthotics. While they might look quite similar to regular orthotics at first, their role is actually so much more. It is also important to know that custom orthotics is different from those which you can purchase at the drugstore which are referred to as prefabricated or over the counter orthotics.

Custom made orthotics are unique for their patient, and that is because they are created out of a mold which is from the patient’s feet. Because of that, it will always fit the patient’s feet perfectly, and thus it is the best solution for various feet conditions, such as flat feet.

When it comes to reputable podiatrists, the custom orthotics cost from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or similar podiatry centers is usually quite affordable, but that is only in the case where the patient is going to use them for years, which brings us to the next part of the article.


When do you kids actually need custom orthotics?

There are quite a lot of podiatrist out there that will tell you that custom orthotics are always the best solution, especially for children that happen to have flat feet, however, that is not entirely true. Since children tend to grow quite fast, especially during puberty, there is always quite a big chance that they are going to outgrow the flat feet symptom.

In such situations, getting a pair of custom orthotics would not really help them that much, because not only they would outgrow them quite fast, but because their feet wouldn’t even have the time to get used to the effect of custom orthotics because of this same reason. The custom orthotics would become as bad as any other orthotic out there, since it would be too small for their feet.

Of course, if you happen to have a child who is experiencing pain while walking around, then custom orthotics is a good purchase, even if they won’t last for a very long time. In cases like that, orthotics for kids by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry are a good choice as you will be able to refurbish the orthotic a few times in order to fit their condition so they do not have to deal with the pain.


Custom orthotics wager to correct the foot

If your kids are into sports

In case you have a child with flat feet or a similar condition that wants to do some kind of sport, which they should as it is great for their health, then getting custom orthotics is a great idea, as sports and custom orthotics are an amazing combination for fixing such conditions. You might have to purchase two or three pairs as they grow up, but once they do, their feet are going to be normal.Untitled

Custom orthotics helps a lot with flat feet

Final Word

Podiatrists are always the best people to ask for advice when it comes to custom orthotics, and if you find reputable podiatrists in your area, then you can definitely trust their judgment when it comes to taking care of your children’s feet.

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