Known as one of the pioneers of innovation in the skincare domain, Nu Skin is constantly pushing the limits when it comes to skin care products with numerous benefits. With that in mind, the people behind Nu Skin have just recently introduced a new science-driven dual-action skin care device for deep cleansing that minimise the appearance of the visible signs of skin aging.

The name of this cleansing device is ageLOC LumiSpa and it’s the latest innovation coming from the Nu Skin laboratory.


Consumers can expect to see results after the first use, revealing softer and smoother skin. Skin care experts and scientists worked on this smart skin care device which already turned out to be one of the finest Nu skin products. Before this device was launched on the market, it went through rigorous and strict clinical studies to ensure validation.

Dermatologists teamed up with Nu Skin scientists to further develop this product. The result is a skin care device that features anTwo-Sense Motion technology which reduces the appearance of pores. That effect is what enables the optimization of deep cleansing.

The devices come with two different silicone heads, each moving at a particular frequency to provide optimal skin. It deeply and gently removes makeup and dirt as well as dead skin cells from the face making the skin look smoother.

The Youthful Look Has Never Been Easier

Now, with the chosen silicone head, comes a special offer in the form of three different cleansers. All three feature a special and unique blend of skincare ingredients. The customers will get a chance to choose one of these cleansers based on their skin types and individual preferences.

The Nu Skin age LOC LumiSpa skin care device will reduce the appearance of pores while leaving the skin purer.

The entire skin care experience is rather massaging and stimulating. And, it only takes about two minutes. For the ultimate skincare routine, choose Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa deep cleansing device.

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