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Mouth cancer, as the name suggests is one of the cancers that affect the area around the face and neck. Mouth cancers can happen to all people, even though smokers are at greater risk of getting mouth cancer. Like all cancer treatment, mouth cancer treatment which relies on chemotherapy and surgery can be expensive. A lot of people who suffer from the disease may not be able to pay for the treatment. This is where Fundraising India comes in. Medical crowdfunding is one of the most common types of crowdfunding. Impact Guru is India’s largest crowdfunding platform and offers medical crowdfunding solutions to patients in need.

Targeting mouth cancer through crowdfunding India can be done in different ways. Apart from the obvious sharing of a fundraiser by a loved one, this can be done through anti-smoking campaigns and through NGOs attempting to help those in need of funds to battle mouth cancer. A few symptoms of mouth cancer can be ulcers in the mouth that don’t go away within a week. If symptoms persist, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Diagnosis of mouth cancer can be expensive and treatment can be even more so. The average cost of treating mouth cancer is 3.5 lakhs. Mouth cancer is often called preventable because of its associations with tobacco and because how easy it is to detect the disease through regular screenings. In order to treat any of these diseases, what is needed is a constant stream of financial assistance. We at Impact Guru can provide you that as we have a reach over 15 countries.

If you are an NGO worker working in the area or if you have a loved one who suffers from mouth cancer, you can start a fundraiser on our website. This is easy to do and takes 5 minutes. Once you have done this our campaign manager will help you spread the word around and post it on various social media platforms. Once this is done, money in donations will start pouring in. Cancer treatment is one of the most common reasons people approach fundraising India.

Success stories about these cases can be found on our website. Most notably and recently, a three year old girl called Aadya was saved from leukemia by the collection of money through crowdfunding. Aadya had a bone marrow transplant which made her life a lot less painful.

If you are one of those people who have started to lose hope due to financial issues, we suggest hang in there. The disease may be persistent but treatment options are available. You may not have a lot of money but there are people all over the world who are willing to help you. Help is literally a five minute fundraiser away. Don’t lose hope. You are not alone. We are here to help you as part of our job.

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