If your pet is old or very aggressive, you may find it very difficult to take him to your vet. There may be many other problems in taking your pet to vet such as your irregular and busy schedule, children at home, large-sized pet with mobility problems and so on. In such conditions, a mobile vet clinic is a great facility.

A mobile vet clinic is also useful when your pet is suffering from anxiety and traveling problem. It’s fortunate that considering all problems of pet parents, more and more veterinarians in Australia are hitting the road to treat pets at the comfort of their home.legacy

What are Mobile Vet Clinics and How do They Work?

A mobile vet clinic is a vet clinic in a vehicle equipped with all objects needed for the examination and treatment of pets. You can find the best animal healthcare practice in Turramurra vet.

Mobile vet clinics offer an opportunity to veterinarians to examine and treat animals at their homes. This practice can give rise to more comprehensive care. It’s an excellent way to have a full view of the pet’s personality.

There are some ideal examples of vets who started their mobile vet clinics merely with their family car, a stethoscope and doctor’s bag, and later expanded the practice in the form of one or multiple fully equipped ambulances which have doctors and nurses along with necessary medications and surgery tools.

What can a Mobile Vet Clinic Offer?

According to several vets, a mobile vet clinic can offer almost everything a traditional static vet office can. Exceptions are tools required for very complicated surgeries and hospitalisation.

These clinics can provide an extensive array of in-home services, such as vaccinations, physical examinations, x-rays and blood tests, and even behavioural counselling as well as consultation on allergies, weight management, diabetes management, nutrition and senior pet health.

Some mobile clinics also offer additional services like whelping assistance and euthanasia, and also deliver pet food and medications.

Most mobile vets perform any procedures that need anaesthesia, such as dental work or surgery, at their office or hospital or refer their patients to other vets. However some vets work out for bigger mobile clinics that can facilitate basic surgical and dental procedures.

Benefits of Mobile Vet Clinics

  • Probably the biggest advantage of mobile vet clinics for pets as well as their anxious parents is the elimination of a traumatic car ride, encounter with strange animals and people and treatment in the setting of a clinic.
  • The flexible hours offered by mobile vet clinics are also a great advantage. These may also include weekends and nights.
  • Another great advantage is accessibility for parents of pets that are elderly or having mobility problems.
  • Since vets can reach out to the family of the pets, a lasting relationship is developed between the two which too is a great benefit.


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Benefits of In-home Treatment

In-home treatment offers the vet an opportunity to watch the pet behaving naturally in her/his own familiar environment, including what they eat and how they interact with their people and other animals. Therefore vets are able to give a more thorough care at home as they can see things which they may not be able to see in a traditional setting.

For example, a vet can diagnose any leg problems in a pet because s/he can see the pet walking around the house.

Vets can also gauge the accuracy of what pet parents describe about their pet’s condition or habits while checking pet in their homes because they can see the pets eating, walking and behaving normally in their homes.

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