One industry that has exploded internationally is the men’s grooming market. ValueMags is a marketing company based out of Chicago that specializes in print entertainment marketing. However, the company is open to taking on other clients especially in competitive markets. One competitive market that has exploded found ValueMags researchers is the men’s grooming market. The industry reputation is known for developing grooming products that are easy to use and show quick and effective results. The industry represents the simplicity and the power of grooming products; facial and bodily. The industry wants people to know that the industry provides young adults with the most affordable high performance grooming products in comparison to many other brands in the cosmetics industry. ValueMags found that it does this by allowing men to elevate their look by maintaining the same groom with proven products, making men feel comfortable in their skin using products that will reduce their daily grooming routine, and provide products that are gentle on the skin yet aggressive on the facial and body hair proven through extensive testing and marketing research.Image result for Men’s Grooming Market Explodes: ValueMags

ValueMags can use the way the industry markets themselves and learn from them. The men’s grooming industry is expanding because of the way they are marketing themselves. They are shifting their manliness connotation to a sensitive one-for-all connotation. ValueMags needs to invest more into their marketing research to establish marketing campaigns that are just are successful as the men’s grooming market in it’s entirety.

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