Varicose veins a common issue in which a patient suffers from swelling, weakness or twisting of veins right under the skin and mainly found in legs and sometimes also in arms. Some usual symptoms such as blood clots, ulcers in skin or sores, pain and skin getting swelled or red. If you see these symptoms, it’s  best to see varicose veins treatment clinic. The scientific reason behind is our body has veins, and their function is to carry blood from veins to heart and other parts of the body as well. And further heart pumps the blood to lungs hence to get the oxygen, further, the oxygen is transported to the entire body through blood vessels known as arteries. The main logic is hidden behind veins as veins have one-way valves which play a crucial role in transporting blood to other parts, and here the problem occurs when valves become weak or damaged and unable to send blood to the heart; hence, blood get stored back and collect in veins and thus it causes varicose veins.

What causes varicose veins?

Well, there is not a specific reason behind varicose veins. There are numerous elements which are accountable for this issue Such as family history, if any of family member or especially parent who suffered from varicose veins may also lead to the same problem in their generation. However, factors like old age also might increase the risk of varicose veins, and on the other hand, gender also effects like women mostly suffer from this issue during several stages of their life like during pregnancy or overweight and obesity conditions.


It is always said that prevention is better than cure, but in the case of varicose veins, one can’t stop varicose veins from forming; however, you can stop it from becoming a more worst or serious case by taking correct prevention at the right time. First and the foremost thing is to stop standing for a long time especially without taking a short break. Moreover, correct your posture while sitting as don’t cross your legs, just try to keep the legs straight not only sitting but also in case of sleeping or resting; as a result, it will not pressure your swollen veins to become more damaged or painful.

In the case of obesity or overweight, the initial step is to cut your extra weight from the whole body, and it will result in the thickness of veins and other body parts, and it will increase the flow of blood to the heart. Additionally, don’t discomfort yourself by wearing tight clothes, basically clothes tight from the waist, legs, and upper thighs. Tight clothes can make your varicose veins worst by putting pressure on veins and skin, and it may lead to blockage of veins and decline in blood flow.


Varicose veins should be treated as soon as you will observe it or before it becomes more painful or worst to be treated. Consult your doctor on time or skin specialist, and you have to go through several medical procedures such as X-rays, ultrasound, surgery or laser treatment also to get to know the roots of this issue and then treat it according to that with the use of drugs as well. Moreover, change is lifestyle should also work as more effectively like to correct your body posture, no to wear tight clothes, don’t stand for a long period of time and avoid the risk of obesity and this all will lead to a reduction in symptoms of varicose veins.


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