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In today’s modern world, pollution is increasing by the day; it’s affecting our skin in a terrible way. Although we may not easily see it, but it is destroying our skin which is most exposed to the pollution. This is why you must take as much care of your skin as possible, in order to protect it from UV rays and other toxic elements in the environment. The results of pollution on skin are acne, wrinkles, pimples, rashes and spots and dark patches. Remember that too much exposure to pollution might even cause you skin cancer. The best way of avoiding such health hazards, you must resort to skin detoxing or attending a full detox resort. Read below to know about the usefulness of skin detox and how you should go about it.

Clean the Skin Carefully

The best way you can start doing the skin detox process is by immaculately cleaning your body and skin. If you put on make up regularly, do not forget to wipe it off completely before going to bed. Use a nice cleanser that suits your skin type. Lukewarm water with salt suits best for skin. If normal soaps give you rashes and make your skin red, you should use shower gel to clean yourself completely.

Have a Spa Day

If your skin condition is too worse for wear, you may have a spa day once in a while if you can afford it. But even if you can’t; worry not, for you can have the spa treatment at home. Some essential oils are extremely useful for skin protection, such as, Eucalyptus, Jojoba. You can even apply aloe vera gel regularly; it really helps with acne, dark spots and pimples. Mud masks are also affective for skin; use the kind of mud that suits your skin and make the paste at home and use it twice a week. Using fruit and vegetable pastes, such as, tomato, orange, cucumber and so on, as skin gels actually help in healing the skin.

Drink Lots of Water and Eat Well

Believe it or not, water is the best medicine for skin. Drink as much water as you can every day. Also, keep a balanced diet. Eating garbage will affect your skin like anything. Try to eat as much vegetables and minerals and avoid oily and fried stuff. Consuming too much oil is the absolute worst for skin; your skin might break out in more pimples and acnes.

Sleep Well

Your stress inevitably shows on your skin, no matter how well you try to hide it. Having a good night’s sleep is the way to go if you would like to keep your skin healthy. Even if your work demands a tremendous number of working hours, make sure that you get at least a six, if not seven hours of good sleep. If you are constantly stressing about things and being anxious, you are going to get stress lines in your face, and it won’t definitely look good.

Do practice these methods well in your regular life to keep your skin nourished and glowing.


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