Many of us have the habit of taking medicines for any petty (as we like to think) health issues without consulting a doctor. Such people think that a common cold can easily be cured by some particular medicine that was prescribed to him by the doctor some five or six years back. Little do they think about the cause for the cold and the reason as to why the doctor suggested that medicine and not any other medicines available. Are you one of them? If you are, then you are requested not to do this from now onwards and rather visit a doctor. If you are not one of these people, then you are doing something really noble for yourself.

If it is asked to you that whether you have ever bought yourself a tablet of aspirin during severe headache, then 95% of the readers will be guilt of doing it. Now, you may ask, that why should you even consult a doctor for something as common as headache even when the commercial advertisement shows that you will be relieved of all the pain within a few seconds if you use Aspirin. Think of the time when painkillers like aspirin was not banned (aspirin usage is restricted in many countries but some countries still sell it without proper prescription); aspirin, if consumed by a person affected by dengue can have fatal impact on the patient. So, when a dengue victim takes aspirin without knowing its adverse effects on, he only pushes him towards more risk. Therefore, consultation with a medical practitioner is of utmost importance.


It is a common practise now observed (because of the technological advancement) that people often visit some websites to look for the cure of their disease rather than going to the doctor and take medicines according to the directions provided in those websites. How can one have blind trust on a websites’ genuineness as well as the medicines suggested? It is always better and a safe option to visit a doctor.

Why is Aspirin bad for our health?

Aspirin, when taken in high doses, is bad for our health. When taken in high doses, aspirin can cause stomach bleeding and gastritis, indigestion, nausea, etc. It can also worsen hypertension and give rise to kidney problems. Doctors suggest that it is better to choose a safer analgesic if one is taking aspirin to alleviate pain. Moreover, aspirin is not supposed to be used as an over-the-counter pain killer. It is safe to have intake doses of 75 mg for preventing heart disease. Medical practitioners will help us by giving us the right analgesic to relieve us from our pain and also the correct dose of the same.

As patients (and even consumers) we must be well aware of the side-effects that a medicine can cause. A medicine which can cure you of your disease can also bring you other possible health issues if the medicine is not used as directed by a physician. It is our duty to keep ourselves healthy by following the guidelines given by the doctor rather than following some websites to cure ourselves. So the next time when you have a headache and decide to buy an aspirin, just give a second thought to it.

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