Regarded as a derivative of testosterone, comprising of active steroidal hormone Fluoxymesterone, Halotestin is a popular anabolic steroid among experienced bodybuilders all around the globe. After hitting the market for the first time it was advertised as having many therapeutic benefits. It can be used safely but for a limited period of time and should strictly be used by them who have got an anabolic steroid experience. Its powerlifting qualities are very popular among bodybuilders who look for strength gains. It is also used as a common treatment for producing results to treat men diagnosed with low levels of testosterone. Belonging to a drug class of androgens, this substance promotes maintenance of male features.

Halotestin is a powerful steroid that is prescribed for treating muscle wasting, lean tissue repair, androgen deficiency in men, healing bone fractures and malnutrition. This is used regularly to treat lengthy exposure to cortisone, breast cancer, paraplegia and to treat burn victims also. The best part of this steroid is it is prescribed to both the genders. The hormone is used for treating osteoporosis in a few postmenopausal women. This steroid doesn’t ever aromatize which makes it different from other steroids. It has the capacity to escalate hemoglobin and the mass and the structure of red blood cells with its correlating action along with erythropoietin.

Ensuring proper administration

The oral steroid tablets are found in capacities of 2 mg, 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg. For the need of performance enhancement, the dosage ranges from 10-40mg daily. 10mg each day will show noticeable outcomes, but most people find 20mg to be the more beneficial dosage that can be controlled with a proper usage by a fit adult male. When this dose is tolerated well then one can attempt a dosage of 40 mg per day. Additionally, this dose may invite some negative effects so limiting yourself to a small dose is always recommended. Irrespective of the dosage a weekly limit of 2-4 weeks of use is always advised.

The dosage, availability, and potency of this drug depend on its origin. Oral anabolic steroids provide lessened bioavailability over injectable forms so athletes and bodybuilders tend to take higher doses. For inadequate androgen production, a person is recommended a dose from 2 mg to 10 mg every day. Recently, the daily dose averages from 5 mg to 20 mg daily. Moreover, this drug may be begun at a higher dose and then it can be slowly reduced till a satisfactory maintenance dosage with encouraging result is achieved. Bodybuilders consume between 10mg and 40 mg per day but 40mg is considered an excessive dosage and the risk is always there of liver toxicity.

Supplementing with Halotestin

The benefits are obvious for a strength athlete. He would supplement this medicine some weeks prior to the competition and he would end up being stronger, dry and pretty cut. Halotestin is a powerful steroid and through its process of action, it provides a good hardening effect. If you are extremely thin then you are going to be benefitted more from this trait. In other words, you need to be nearly 6% body-fat or lower than that. The lower the body fat the better it is to get an advantage of this trait.

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