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The procedure of hair transplant is an innovative and advanced way to treat the pattern baldness, whether it is a male pattern or the female pattern baldness. The hair transplant procedure is now becoming the trend and people affected by the hair loss taking it hand to hand to get the best permanent results. People from around the world used to visit India to get the hair restoration procedure and find the benefits of the treatment given by the best hair transplant Surgeons, low-cost facilities, medical tourism as well as the advanced method of the treatment that add the perfection in results.

In this write-up we are focussing on the Best 10 Hair Transplant Destinations in India are as follows:

  • Medispa Hair Transplant Centre:

Medispa hair transplant centre is located in two prime locations of India, i.e., Delhi & Jaipur headed by world’s best Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni. Medispa centre, strictly maintains the safety and hygiene parameters that match with the American standards. The infrastructure for the clinic and bio-waste management is well-standardized and clinic surroundings are favourable for the medical procedures. Dr Suneet Soni is a well-known plastic & cosmetic surgery has expertise in the advanced FUT technique and has a record in offering the best natural outcomes. The Medispa centre has one international branch in Dubai (UAE) to provide the quality at an affordable cost.

  • Enhance Clinic:

Enhance clinic comes amongst the top hair transplant centre in India having 22 centres across the country and has a record of performing the best hair transplant results. Enhance clinic is run by the renowned plastic & cosmetic surgeons, Dr Manoj Khanna. Dr Manoj Khanna experience includes 5000+ hair transplant surgery in his career and reckoned as the best surgeon in India.

  • Dermalife:

Dermalife hair transplant clinic is known for using the advanced technology and equipment and the Bio-FUE technique followed up with Bio-Gen therapy at Dermalife is very popular owing to the best results. The hair transplant procedure at Dermalife is given by the expert Dr Gaurav Garg. Dermaclinic uses the advanced and ultra-modern equipment imported from the US, UK and Germany.

  • ALCS:

ALCS the hair transplant and cosmetic clinic is headed by Dr Sunil Arora, is an accredited and acclaimed hair transplant surgeon in India. He has more than one and half decades experience in the plastic & reconstructive surgeries. Dr Sunil Arora is always keen to learn new thing and firmly believes in the process of learning is an on-going state. He regularly visits the national & international forums to attend the workshop sessions, training program, and innovation in the surgical procedure.

  • Reviva Clinic:

Reviva clinic is run by Dr Prabdeep Sohi, a pioneer FUE hair transplant surgeon. Reviva clinic is located in the clean city, Chandigarh and has top rank in providing the excellent hair transplant services at an affordable cost. Reviva clinic has expert professionals, trained team of the technician with the best facilities on the cutting-edge technology and standard care for the surgical procedure.

  • Anagen Clinic:

Anagen clinic is a single hair transplant centre that has a special laboratory for Stem cell research for hair regeneration. This clinic is unique in terms of using the practice of fusion of biotech with hair restoration. The clinic has a good and strong team of expert Doctors and Surgeons, having more than 20 years of experience as well as the technicians at Anagen clinic possesses more than a decade experience in the same field.

  • Dr Walia’s Hair transplant Centre:

Dr Walia’s hair transplant clinic is headed by Dr Devinderjir S. Walia, a renowned hair transplant Surgeon have many years of experience and satisfied patients across the globe. Dr Walia’s clinic is 9001:2008 certified located in the Ludhiana is famous for delivering the quality treatment at an affordable cost in India.

  • Darling Buds Hair Transplant Centre:

This clinic is regarded as the first international hair transplant clinic located at beautiful City, Chandigarh. The Darling buds centre is headed by reputed hair transplant Surgeon Dr Tejinder Bhatti. Dr Tejinder Bhatti is an expert in performing the advanced FUE technique and has a credit of delivering thousands and thousands of satisfied and quality results.

  • Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions:

This clinic is a leading name in the plastic & cosmetic surgery has brought innovative and advanced modifications to perform the procedure as well as addressing the hair loss issues. Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin solutions have 22 state-of-the-art clinics across the country. Dr Pauls’ clinic is run by renowned plastic & cosmetic surgeons, Dr Abhijit Paul and Dr Bijay Paul.

  • Dr Madhu’s Advanced Hair Transplant Centre:

Dr Madhu’s Advanced Hair Transplant centre is headed by renowned Dr Madhu and located in the Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), a city famous for the Pearl beauty.  Dr Madhu’s Advanced hair transplant centre is known for its best and efficient team, expert professionals as well as the sophisticated equipment used by the clinic that influenced the outcome of the procedure.


The above-mentioned names in the hair transplant fraternity must be considered while you are choosing the hair transplant surgery in India as a careful investigation and an in-depth research always help in finding the best answer to the sophisticated kind of problems.

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