Hair loss in men is a common problem and there are many young as well as old men who have lost their curly lock of hairs. It takes years for the hairs to grow before it becomes dormant and finally these hairs die and fall down and these are replaced by new hair. The hair loss becomes visible when the hair that has fallen is not replaced, in men hair loss occurs in the form of baldness and this is a permanent loss. This baldness is an inherited trait and begins quite early on in life and gradually becomes extensive . The hormones in the body in this case testosterones produces a substance called (DHT) which shrink hair follicles to such an extent that it prevents new hair to replace the lost hair. Baldness has a particular characteristic it starts with receding hair line and a bald patch on the top of the head. Those of you who have a common pattern of baldness have three choices to solve this problem of hair loss. Accept this fact of baldness that runs in your genes and bear it with a smile and try to enhance the other good qualities that you have both physical as well as mental, you can shave off your entire head or go for hair replacement treatments or can also opt for plastic surgery . If you don’t have a particular pattern for hair loss then it becomes difficult to pin point the exact reason for this hair loss, though common causes are leading to this problem of excessive hair loss could be due to the following reasons:

1] Unbalanced diet or rather diet without the required amount of vitamins, protein and amino acids.

2] Having undergone a major surgery could also lead to hair loss.

3] One of the early signs for diabetes is excessive hair loss.

4] Thyroid is yet another reason for your hair loss problem.

5] Certain drugs to treat gout, blood thinners, antidepressants and most forms of chemotherapy are all reasons for hair loss.

6] Bacterial and fungal infections of the scalp, causes itching damaging the hair follicle leading to hair loss.

7] Kidney and liver aliments and lupus can also lead to excessive hair loss.

8] Psychological problems like mental stress, having to go through a divorce, death of a near and dear one, loss incurred in business or job are all the reasons for hair loss but then there is nothing to worry as this hair loss is a temporary and can be treated. Though in some cases hair returns but is thinner than before.

You have the choice to dwell on this hair loss problem or accept it as part of life. If you want to do something to prevent this loss then you can always seek medical treatment. Procerin is an oral medication used to block DHT responsible for your hair loss; this medication stimulates the scalp and helps the dead hair follicle regain life.






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