Health websites and magazines popularize different types of training schedules like how much time your muscles are supposed to stay under tension. What kind of movement you will make until you reach peak contraction. Beginners who can understand the concept of training method will get good benefits. To understand the training fundamentals completely, you have to understand the fundamental mechanics completely. They are responsible for growth and producing results. You can select a training schedule as per your requirements. These training schedules are found on many bodybuilding websites.

In this article, let us first discuss about explosive style training. This is underrated training method because health websites and magazines are not writing much about it. I am not giving you any new knowledge or setting new standards, but this article will serve as a refresher article. I am trying to mention the vast benefits of this training. In this kind of training, you have to complete the range of motion as soon as possible with the right amount of weight. You have to bring the weight slowly back to the starting point. In most of the cases, people neglect the negative portion because they think that bringing the weight back to the starting position may not bring good results. That is why they give more importance to reach at the peak point. You have to do the reverse. You can complete the first part quickly with proper form, but when you are bringing back the weights, do it as if you are pulling the weights. These are small variations, but if you include them in your training routine, then they can increase your muscle gains.

Moving the Weight

You have to complete the full range of motion without compromising with the exercise form. This will give your muscle fibers a good start and more tears in your muscles will result in new growth. You can follow training schedules found on many bodybuilding websites.

Plateau Breaker

I have seen many people following the same exercise routine for months and some are doing exercise without considering the right routine. This makes them hit a plateau and their progress comes to a standstill. If you apply the above tips, then you can be a plateau breaker. Apply this technique for a couple of weeks and you will realize that your lifts have increased.

Lighter weights will bring more results

Lighter weights will also give good results if you keep on moving them as fast as you can. Actually, you need to change your routine; change opens new ways for better results. Doing exercise with lighter weight reduces the chances of injury.


If you want to experience new growth, then it is imperative to change your exercise program after a couple of weeks. This may be the appropriate training schedule for you, but after a couple of weeks, the same program will not deliver good results. This is the time when people start blaming on genetics and other factors for not getting positive results. What happens is that you become comfortable with your training style and your body adjusts accordingly.

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