The Testosterone base forms a great ground for the creation of synthetic testosterone. The base if used in laboratory and the synthetic testosterone is changed to a great extended with the help of ester which helps in the modification process. There are various different variations that can be created by using the method.  The creation of these different variations with the testosterone base can change a lot of things.

The rate of abortion can be brought down to a huge level by using this method. The attachment of esters when attached as a base drug which is the testosterone drug in this case is such highly beneficial. Ester supports the half-life or influence the time in which the rest of the components are potent in the process or outcome. It supports the creation of a change in the body or accelerates certain activity.


The Testosterone base is also called testosterone Suspension. This is a strong and effective steroid that is known to be highly powerful and is also known to speed up the process. The fast-action is the reason why many body builders use it before working out. This exogenous type of testosterone is highly used by body builders and athletes before working out as it provides an extra strength to the body and additional energy which shows great results.

The users, however, should be very careful while using it as the steroids is taken through injection. There are high number of recipes that are available for the safe use and painless Testosterone base recipes but there will be no benefit unless the users are careful themselves.

The synthetic testosterone created with testosterone base should be very carefully used as the side effects can be very severe.

The esters are explained as a result of a chemical reaction. It is a reaction between a form of alcohol and carboxylic acid. The reaction with the testosterone base enhances its solubility. The main division in this case is made in the case of oil-based testosterone and water based testosterone. The rate of release is slowed down when the steroid is injected in the body.

Different brands work on their own and attach esters to testosterone making their own choices. The common amongst them are Acetate, Propionate, Caproate, Phenylpropionate, Decanoate, Isocaproate and Undecanoate.

The molecular structure of each o these are different. The common elements in all these are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The absorption rate and half-life effects of these different testosterone base and ester are found not similar in any of the case.

It is also important that calculated dosages are taken. The range of dosage should be anywhere between 50mg to 300 mg. The average could be anywhere between 200mg to 250 mg between two weeks.

It is, however, common knowledge that the dosage will be based on individual needs. The body builders and the athletes that are using esters with the testosterone base should check with the medical practitioners so that the right dosage can be designed based in individual needs.

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