Getting rid of unwanted body hair is a never-ending struggle if one does not opt for modern techniques of hair removal. Intense Pulse Light, which is also traditionally known as IPL, is an effective contemporary technique to deal with those unwanted hair patches.

However, with continuous technological progression, the numbers of effective hair removal techniques are also increasing. For instance, skin care facilities now offer a new technique called Ice Laser powered by Soprano. Since it’s relatively a new technique, therefore many people confuse it with the traditional IPL hair removal procedures.

There are some major differences between these two hair removal techniques that will be discussed in this blog. But before we move on to that discussion, it will be appropriate to briefly define what actually Ice laser is.

Ice laser is actually a hair removal technique carried out through Soprano ICE Platinum machine. The machine effectively destroys the follicles of unwanted hair through temperature treatment. On the other hand, the part of the machine that comes into contact with the nerve receptors of the skin remains ice cold. This twofold activity is unique to Ice laser only.

The frosting probe

The hair removing probe of the machine is extremely cold when it first comes into contact with the skin. This is not the case with traditional IPL techniques. They feel hot and itchy from the very beginning of the treatment.

A constant contact with the skin

In usual IPL hair removal treatments, the probe is not in constant contact with the skin. Moreover, the probe can’t be glided on the area that has already been treated. Such constraints are not part of Ice laser treatment. The technician is able to maneuver the probe all over the given area as many times as required to get the optimal results.

No pain is involved

Traditional IPL hair removal feels like someone is constantly striking the treated area with hot rubber strings. This irritating, itching and sometimes painful sensation make traditional IPL hair removal somewhat inconvenient. The person undergoing Ice laser hair removal treatment only feels a tinge of heat or rather warmth nearly at the end of the procedure, which actually feels relaxing.

Medspa Beauty Clinic provides first-rate laser hair removal services in the city of London. The clinic also carries out Soprano’s Ice laser hair removal procedures for all its benefits that distinguish it from the traditional IPL.

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