Your First Stop was originally started by a group of addicts who have recovered devoted to giving others the chance for treatment. Daly City Alcohol Treatment connects others with services they need to aid them in the fight against alcohol abuse whether they mean a center for detox, an outpatient of inpatient treatment program, services for mental health or just an ear to listen. At Daly City Alcohol Treatment, the people working in this center are in recovery themselves and have personally experienced the lows and highs of addiction and the recovery process as well as understanding in a way that most others cannot understand the process of beating addiction.

Their experiences

Through their experiences, staff members learn how important it is to lend a hand to others who are in need even when they do not realize that they need it. Often, the first step is not admitting that you have a problem – it is the tentative questions or thoughts that arise about the possibility of treatment. Figuring out where to start and what your options are can also be confusing. They know, because they have been there. That is why they created First Step, to offer a resource for the men and women who don’t know where to begin when it comes to finding treatment for addiction to alcohol.

Affiliated with treatment facilities

Your First Step is affiliated with many top-rated treatment programs as well as detox centers in the United States. Most of these programs have been featured on TV shows such as “Intervention and Drugged”. If you have no insurance, don’t worry as they will work hard to find affordable treatment options. Personal finances should never be the determine factor in getting help. There referral services are free; there is never any cost for calling them.

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