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The Health of your teeth majorly depends on what you eat. So, eating food that makes your teeth grow healthier and stronger is better than getting your tooth decays repaired by Dentists now and then. It is also cheaper.

The list whatsoever contains food items that are no doubt healthy but not for your teeth and food items that are ultimately unhealthy for your body as well as your teeth. It depends on how far you want to take knowing exactly where to stop.

What to eat for your Teeth?

  •    Dairy Products: Dairy Products are high in calcium and protein. And, the teeth need most of it to remain strong as well as healthy. If you are a big-time lover of Cheese, then you can always add some of it to your meals. Medical Sciences reveal that Cheese helps in keeping the tooth enamel strong. It increases the pH level of your teeth which further decrease the chances of tooth decays. Another dairy product that proves to be beneficial for the gums is Yogurt. Add some yoghurt in your diet without any amount of sugar for best of benefits. Drinking a glass of milk daily also helps keep your teeth in the best of health.
  •    Fruits and Vegetables that are Crunchy: Eating fruits that are crunchy to eat produces saliva in the mouth which is good for the gums. Though there are exceptions to fruits that are not supposed to be eaten. Crunchy Vegetables like Carrot, Celery as well as green leafy vegetables makes the mouth chew more which keeps the tissues healthy. Apple is a lovely crunchy fruit with 100% natural sugar in it. Strawberries are another bunch of fruits that are good for your teeth.
  •    Nuts and Seeds: Almonds are low in calories as compared to other nuts so, they don’t even increase your calorie intake and rewards you with healthy teeth. Eating a handful of Almonds every day provides both calcium and protein to your teeth. While among seeds, Chia seeds are suitable for a healthy smile. They have a rich source of vitamins and minerals supplying Vitamin A, Calcium as well as Fiber to your teeth. Adding a tablespoon of Chia seeds to your smoothie or salad is an excellent way to incorporate them into your regular diet.
  •    Sugar-Free Gums: Include a habit of chewing Sugar-free gums since they produce saliva which washes the tooth. Because of a lot of chewing of the gums, more saliva is produced in the mouth. Moreover, they are way better than sugar coated gums which effect the tooth as well as your calorie intake. It is more advisable to have plain gums instead of flavoured ones. You can buy the best quality gums by applying special CouponHub offers.
  •    Drink more and more of water: Water is a natural way to wash your mouth. It doesn’t just clean the bacteria stuck in the gums, but it also removes the sugar from the gums. Water contains Fluoride which is present in all mouthwashes available in the market. It is known for its feature of protection your teeth against damages.

What not to eat?

  •    Citrus Fruits: Even though Citrus fruits are good for the health overall but too much of it primarily affects the health of your teeth. Fruits like Lemons, Grapes, Oranges etc. contain a high amount of acids in them which slowly erode the tooth enamel. Even the juices of these fruits are equally bad for your teeth.
  •    Tea and Coffee: The ones who are too much addicted to Coffee and Tea, their tooth are more prone towards turning black. They discolour the tooth and leave a stain on them.
  •    Soda Drinks: All kinds of cold drinks and beverages that have Soda in them also contain lots and lots of sugar. They can erode the tooth enamel, but just a soda drink right after a meal isn’t that unhealthy as soft drinks with soda are.
  •    Chewy Candies: Eating candies that are too chewy isn’t a boon because this time your mouth doesn’t produce saliva. Instead, these sugar-coated candies get stuck on your teeth and become the cause of bacteria in the tooth.
  •    Alcohol consumption: Alcohols have tooth enamel eroding properties, they even leave stains on the tooth. Avoiding too much alcohol consumption makes your smile look fresh, white and clean.
  •    Chips and Crackers: Too much of the crunchy food items that are processed in too much oil are unhealthy for your teeth. They become a reason for the growing cavities in your teeth.

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