A lot of girls dream of unleashing their inner nail artist. Pinterest boards and Instagram posts often show hands with such expertly done nails that you almost think it’s photoshopped! Everything from simple polka dots to more elaborate nail paintings makes you envious of the skill. If you’re a newbie at painting nails you can imagine how hard it is even to slather on a smooth coat of paint. Most of the time it comes out uneven and rough. So, how exactly do you make the steps to mastering nail art and what are the tools you need to reach that?

Begin with the Basics

Like all types of art, the basic tools will serve as the foundation to your manicured masterpiece. Clean and neat nails are a pre-requisite to creating beautiful fingertips. With that in mind, you will need the essential tools such as a nail cutter, file, buffer, and a brush. Yes, these tools won’t help you yet in the actual art, but they will lay the groundwork for creating beautiful nails. The effect of beautiful nails is dampened when you see dirt peeping through the under of your fingertips. After all, even before you apply the nail paint, you need the nails clean. Get these basic tools, then you’ll be well on your way to creating beautifully done nails.Image result for Becoming a Nail Artist

Apply It on Smooth

Having clean nails makes it easier to put on a nail color smoothly. You want to avoid those unsightly ridges that are rough to the touch. Before trying on different colors and hues at once, stick to one and master it. Pick your favorite color and try to make it your signature to master. Perhaps a bloody red or lemon yellow color is something you can try? No matter the color, it’s important to get good quality nail colors with even better brushes. If you search you might find a website called

https://duri.com/product-category/nail-growth/ where it evens has great nail polish that strengthens your nails. Nothing ruins perfectly done nail art than brittle nails.  It’s a pain when your brushes are so stiff it makes it impossible to correctly apply the paint. Once you master the art of a smooth application then it’ll open the path to creating more complicated designs. Like all things that require some skill, it starts with the baby steps.

Start Simple

If you ever get jealous of those people who can seem to paint the Mona Lisa on their finger nails, it’s because they’ve started with something simpler. No one becomes Da Vinci overnight. Pick a pattern that you feel comfortable trying. Polka dots are a popular choice. All you need is a solid base color and another color you can simply dab on. Plus, it’s a style that requires minimal effort but has maximum impact (which is always the best combination). If you want more of a challenge then try stripes. It needs only two colors as well but this time it needs a bit of skill to make the stripes evenly straight. After doing patterns like this you’ll be able to subject your hand to such meticulous artwork that when it’s time for the more complex types it should be no problem.

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