While you may first think that all testosterone are normally same, it is not the case. There are two forms of it that are found in males and to some smaller extent in females too. The greatest amount of hormone blood serum attaches two proteins naturally called albumin and SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Gobulin). On the other hand, the smaller portions don’t bind to the proteins mentioned above, so they are considered to be “free”.

So now you will definitely be interested in knowing how those free testosterone levels differ from regular ones and what are some of the best and most popular Free T (pmol/L) testosterone booster available in the market. Let us check out about it in the following sections.

Role of Free Testosterone Boosters

While it the responsibility of the testes to produce testosterone, it generally can’t decide how much or when it is produced. That is actually responsibility of two glands in endocrine system. The pituitary gland is normally responsible for the function and maintenance of all hormone glands as well as their secretions.

Apart from it, it is even responsible for muscle growth, stronger bones, growth spurts, and a lot more. If the testosterone levels are low, men have numerous options, but the results will generally determine course of treatment or therapy.

Finding the right testosterone boosters

Testosterone supplements are also widely known as testosterone enhancers and other such names that define their ability to improve function of anything in the body naturally. To find the actual testosterone boosters that work great, it is important to consider some important things well beforehand.

While looking for natural Test boosters that actually work, you can look out for herbal remedies, folklore medicine, and numerous nutrients that include minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, etc that are not only healthy for pituitary gland, but for all your tissues, organs, and cells in the body.

It is important to know why you are actually buying them. Do you want to increase the levels that have deemed low or are you using it to enhance your athletic performance or bodybuilding? Is it to address erectile dysfunction or enhance libido? Do you want it to lose weight?

So, the best way here is to talk to your physician or doctor well about taking the supplements. It is especially very important if you have been diagnosed with any kind of medical condition or are undergoing any other treatment.

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