Addiction rehab helps an individual to stop his addiction to narcotics or alcohol. It is a structured treatment program that requires the patient to undergo salient steps in order to ensure recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Different rehabilitation programs have varying methods and approaches based on the result of the patient’s initial assessment. However, there are 3 major steps or phases that the patient must undergo as the standard operation procedure observed in all rehab facilities.

Different Levels and Phases of Addiction Rehab

A substance addict is prone to all types of risks from physiological to psychological effects on the person. Addiction rehab treatment is a vital step that could turn the patient’s life around, kicking off the old nasty habit for good. Rehabilitation is vital if you or a loved one is hooked on the use and abuse of certain prescription drugs, illicit drugs, and alcohol.

Here are some of the salient phases or steps that a person should undergo if he really wants to stop his substance abuse and addiction problems in a long-term and ongoing basis:

Substance Detox

The detoxification phase is a significant and necessary phase in the overall recovery process of the patient. Addiction rehab treatment is important if you want to cease substance consumption and abuse for a longer period of time. Most rehab facilities have their own amenities for the detox program but government-funded and community-based centers would refer you to another center to undergo detoxification before entering the main therapy program. The common withdrawal symptoms are excruciatingly hard and uncomfortable and could be the main reasons why most substance addicts fail in their attempt to seek and continue treatment. Thus, it is imperative for an addiction rehab facility to provide the utmost services from licensed and experienced medical staffs.


The heart and core of the substance abuse treatment program are counseling whether in groups or individual sessions. Regardless of the type of treatment program you undergo, individual and group counseling are vital components of recovery. Addiction rehab programs integrate group and individual counseling as the venue where the individual could get the much-needed support system in an inpatient residential setting. The main goal of the counseling therapy sessions is to seek the root cause of the addiction and not just get rid of the addictive tendency of the person in a superficial level.


Ongoing monitoring and counseling is a vital element of an addiction rehab program. The journey of an individual towards recovery from addiction continues long after he completed the treatment program and left the portals of the rehab facility. Thus, it is important to have a comprehensive and effective aftercare program for continuous treatment and prevention of relapse.

From detox to counseling to aftercare services, all addiction rehab programs and methods are designed to make sure that the individual is clean and sober at all times. Start your quest of reclaiming a normal, healthy, and addiction-free lifestyle now. Choose the best rehab center and program with proven effective results.

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